The Most Useful Online Promotions – Uses and Results

Have you ever had to select what type of online promotions you want to use for your online marketing plan? Since you are here, I guess you have. In this post, I will write about my favorite ones, why I like those, and how I have used them.

The first thing you need to do is to define your most effective channels, those that lead to the biggest conversion rates and in consequence, are the most profitable for your business. Typical channels are social media, email, YouTube, blogs, websites, online events, among others. Depending on your industry and target audience you will optimize your marketing efforts by choosing just a few of those.

Instagram and Facebook Promotions

If you want to expand your reach on social media, you definitely want to invest in Instagram and/or Facebook promotions. These two platforms have the biggest audience for you to broadcast your brand message or content. It has useful tools that will help you create an effective target.

YouTube Promotions

Whether you are selling products and you created a video ad, or you and in the music industry, or in the movie industry, or you are an influencer, using YouTube promotions might be a good option for you. This platform allows you to select where you want your content to be seen depending on your strategy. You can choose from display ads, out-stream ads, bumper ads, skippable in-stream ads, among others.

Email Promotions

Emails are very versatile. This is a perfect way to reach your target without being too invasive. You can promote a product sale, subscriptions to your blog, or even an event invitation by sending an appealing email to the right audience. If you choose to use this, I recommend using HubSpot.

Hope you liked this post, and it helps you select online promotions for your next marketing campaign. If you want to know more about marketing, branding, and analytics, I invite you to visit my blog and subscribe to my newsletter.

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