Neuromarketing – The Union of Two Brains

Are our buying decisions made by your logic, facts, and reason? Or by your emotions, feelings, and intuition?
I will explain how the different sides of our brain interact when we make a decision.

Let me begin by differentiating the two sides of the brain. The right hemisphere is a creative and emotional one, while the left side is the analytical and reasonable side.

Years ago, we used to catalog people as creative or analytical based on which side of the brain was dominant for them. However, there is clear evidence in recent studies that both sides of the brain are activated when we decide.
Companies and brands that know this, use neuroscientist studies such as fMRI and EEG scans to monitor brain activity and see which sections activate at which time to improve their ads and be more persuasive to the consumer.

Why does this happen?

Over the past few decades, neuroscience has confirmed that 95% of our decisions are made unconsciously (reptilian brain). However, when we pick something with our hands, we do it consciously. So, both sides of the brain are involved.

There was a study in a liquor store where they altered the background music to see if there was a change of behavior in the consumers’ wine selection. The result was that when they played German music, German wine outsold French wine by 3:1, and when they played French music, French wine outsold German wine by 3:1.

However, it was interesting that all the consumers were asked if the type of music affected their purchase, and they all said no. So, the environment altered their buying decision without them being aware of it.
This is just one example of how fascinating our brain is…

This is how marketing influences our emotions and decisions without our awareness. This is when neuroscience means marketing.

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