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I’m Maria Andreina Porras, a business strategist, and developer with experience in both multinational and startup businesses.

This blog aims to encourage you to take your business to the next level, giving you the tools that I have learned over my academic and professional career.

Why trust me?

Not only do I have the academic background of an Engineer and Marketing expert, but I also have the professional experience of building a business from scratch and making it profitable. Also, I have worked together with global companies to help them grow through my creativity and data-driven decisions.

Here, I will give you the tricks and hacks that I have been using for the past few years about Marketing, Branding, Business Strategies, and analytics for you to implement this knowledge on your own and gain the self-trust of an expert.


My Focus

I understand your requirement and provide quality information.

Brand Design

Product design,
Differentiator factors,
Target selection.

UX Design

Customer Journey,
Interaction design,
User research,
Pain Points identification.


Communications types,
Colors and meanings,
Digital Platforms,
Image, Videos & text.

App Development

Platform selection,
Budget admin,


SMART Goals,
Setting KPI’s,
Big Data Mgmt,
Data visualization,
Management indicators.

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I understand your requirement and provide quality information.

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I understand your requirement and provide quality information.
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I understand your requirement and provide quality information.
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